Blockchain powered agri-marketplace for fast, secure, and verifiable spot & forward sales

AcreCX offers a digital marketplace backed by smart contracts enabling farmers and buyers to buy and sell commodities at future dates while eliminating transaction risks.


What is AcreCX?

Food security is an urgent issue caused by weak purchasing power, cheap imports and unfair trade practices. In a globalized era, the need for connected alternative markets has never been more critical. We are solving these issues by working directly with farmers, creating sustainable and solvent farming practices.

Driven by UN Sustainable Development Goals, AcreCX offers a blockchain based marketplace empowering small scale farmers and shifting power from global corporations to farm cooperatives ensuring fair trade.

Audited Provenance

Agricultural products listed on AcreCX are audited by accredited auditors. AcreCX has partnered with TruVito to provide provenance information of agricultural products to ensure products are free from illegal seeds, harmful pesticides and unsafe practices.

Escrow Smart Contracts

Credit risk due to shortfall in members account is mitigated by netting agreements and cash deposits in the form of settlement guarantee fund.

Shipment Tracking

AcreCX offers shipment tracking in real-time. Using Quiver Network always know where your shipment is at any moment.


Key features of our platform

Different from competition, AcreCX offer the following features.

Decentralized Marketplace

AcreCX offers connects global markets while remaining true to the core principles of individual control, privacy and security, while retaining liquidity.

Smart contract backed spot and forward contracts

Buy or sell offers with proof of audits

Encrypted negotiation area

Blockchain Backed Escrow

AcreCX offers smart contract backed escrow service eliminating transaction risks when entering new markets and dealing with unfamiliar counterparties.

Smart contract safeguards funds pending completion of underlying transaction

All sales are backed by smart contracts on blockchain

Counterparties sign by entering into agreements


In Collaboration With

Some of our partners we are working with to implement sustainable agriculture and transparency in supply chains.



What We Do

We specialize in offering these services.

Buy & Sell Offers

An offer is a public advertisement to buy or sell agricultural commodities. Any user can submit an offer to the platform for others to find.

Cryptography Layer

Every buyer and seller account has a public and private key enabling secure and confidential transactions.

Encrypted Negotiations

End‐to‐end encrypted conversation between the buyer and seller

Provenance Reports

Access provenance reports of agricultural commodities listed in the marketplace.


AcreCX uses a deterministic algorithm to generate addresses so that buyers and sellers have virtually infinite number of wallets.

Dispute Resolution

In case of disputes, buyer or seller can disclose their shared key to an escrow agent to decrypt trade and negotiation details.

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